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Unparalleled in the meetings management industry, Aries Liber is a Professional Conference Organiser with an enviable record for managing conferences, exhibitions and special events. These include some of the largest and most complex conferences ever held in Armenia. The directors and staff of Aries Liber have a passionate belief in the power of meetings, the value of the spoken word, and the need to combine planning, logistics, creativity, entertainment, technology and business disciplines to ensure success.
You will have the support of a group of organisations, which are committed to quality.
12 years of experience of this group will assure that your event is a success story.

Aries Liber LTD
43 Gyulbenkyan str., #179, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (+374 10) 26 39 73
Fax: (+374.10) 22 01 40

Aries Catering Service LTD
43 Gyulbenkyan str., #179, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel./Fax: (+374.10) 22 01 40

"Yans Service" LTD
43 Gyulbenkyan str., #179, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel./Fax: (+374.10) 22 33 82
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