We can help you to find and rent the hall which will satisfy your requirements. Our services will include every organizational issues, except catering. And if you prefer to organize your event at halls described below, we can also offer catering services.  EREBUNI PLAZA BUSINESS CENTRE HALLS:
  •   Erebuni conference hall /290sqm/ accommodates up to 250 persons. It is furnished with sound, audio and simultaneous translation equipment, powerful LCD projector, comfortable translation booths.
  •   Argishti conference room /100sqm/ is suitable for 25-30 persons. This room is ideal for high-level meetings, it is equipped with an LCD projector.
  •  Menua conference hall /38sqm/ fits 16-20 persons. This room is perfect for small meetings.
  •   Arame meeting hall /65sqm/ is suitable for workshops and seminars, up to 35 persons.
  •   Suite 902 /110sqm/ accommodates up to 75 persons.

Erebuni Plaza multifunctional business center is the biggest first-rate business center in the very centre of Yerevan. A wide range of services in accordance with the modern standards is offered here. We offer five conference and meeting rooms, fully equipped with the modern technologies. All our rooms have day light and wireless Internet connection. A large parking space in front of the building is also available for our partners and visitors. The business center is equipped with up-to-date communication and security systems. Fore more information please visit www.erebuniplaza.am.

  •   Conference hall
      The Conference Hall is suitable for large conferences and seminars comprising up to 300 persons.
  •   Meeting Rooms: Large, medium and small
      You need a comfortable room for your board meeting or round table discussions for 15 to 30 people? Do not look around - this room is just for you!
  •   Videoconferencing room
      The videoconferencing room (15-20 seats) is equipped with a Polycom VSX7400 videoconferencing system and two 50" Pioneer plasma screens that allow videoconferences at up to 640 Kbps bandwidth over the Internet.

The AUA Center is a first-class, Western-style multiple-use rental facility in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia. The AUA Center offers two different conference and meeting rooms, as well as a large auditorium. The meeting rooms are designed to also be used as classrooms. Fore more information please visit www.aua.am

  •   Large conference hall
      The large conference hall accommodates up to 200 people. It is fully equipped with acoustic and simultaneous translation equipment as well as air conditioning and heating.
  •   Small conference hall
      The small conference hall accommodates up to 30 people.

Tekeyan Centre is one of the first business centres in Armenia. From the very first day of its establishment, due to the wide range and excellent quality of services, it has acquired a high reputation in Armenia and abroad. It is considered one of the leading organizations in the field. Since its establishment Tekeyan Centre has hosted a large number of conferences, official receptions, presentations, press conferences, round tables, discussions, seminars and consultations. For more information please visit www.tekeyancentre.am