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10 days Tour

Yerevan, Echmiatsin, Genocide Memorial, Khor Virap, Noravank, Stepanakert, Gandzasar, Shoushi, Tatev, Jermuk, Garni, Geghard, Lake Sevan, Haghartsin, Saghmosavank, Monument to the Armenian Alphabet, Amberd

Day 1: Arrival in Yerevan, City Tour

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, due to celebrate it's 2800th anniversary in 2018. One of the biggest collections of manuscripts in the world is kept in the Matenadaran Institute-Museum.

Day 2: Echmiatsin, Genocide Memorial

In the year 301 A.D. Armenia became the first official Christian country in the world. The Echmiatsin Cathedral has been the religious centre of all Armenians for 17 centuries. The Genocide Memorial was erected in to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1914-1923.

Day 3: Khor Virap, Noravank, Stepanakert

Khor Virap is the well where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years by an Armenian king for preaching Christianty. Noravank is a 13th century monastery located on the edge of a canyon of astounding beauty. Zorats Qarer is the name given to the Armenian "Stonehenge". Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh, is a beautiful green city nestled within a bowl of mountains.

Day 4: Gandzasar, Shoushi

Gandzasar Monastery is in the northern part of Nagorno Karabakh, surrounded by mountains and forests. The Bishop of Gandzasar traditionally was the head of the church in Karabakh. The city Shoushi was the center of Nagorno Karabakh and was one of the biggest and important cities in Southern Caucasus in 19th century.

 Day 5: Tatev, Jermuk, Yerevan

One of the masterpieces of Medieval Armenian Architecture is the Tatev Monastery, which is circa 1000 years old. It is located on the right bank of Vorotan canyon and is connected with the left bank by the longest cable car in the world. Jermuk, which is situated in the gorge of the Arpa River, is the most famous spa resort in Armenia. The elevation is more than 2000m above sea level. It's famous hot springs attract many people for treatment and recreation.

Day 6: Garni, Geghard

Garni is a Hellenistic style pagan temple built in the first century A.D. Geghard is a 13th century cave monastery there the holy lance that pierced the body of Christ was kept.

Day 7: Sevan, Haghartsin

Lake Sevan is one of the few large lakes in the world at a high altitude of 1900m above sea. There is a fantastic view over the lake from the Monastery of Sevan built in the 19th century. Haghartsin is a 13th century monastery located near the resort town of Dilijan.

Day 8: Saghmosavank, Monumnet to The Armenian Alphabet, Amberd

Saghmosavank is a 13th century Monastery built on the edge of Qasakh River canyon with breathtaking views. The Armenian alphabet was created in 406 A.D. This unique alphabet is used by Armenians and has been for 16 centuries. In 2006 a special monument was built to celebrate the 1600th anniversary of the Armenian alphabet. Amberd Fortress was built in 10th century.

Day 9: Free Day

Day 10: Depature

*Sequence of tour destination are subject to change withour prior notice.