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Food and Wine Tour

Yerevan, Echmiatsin, Sardarapat, Map Winery, Areni Winey, Noravank, Lake Sevan, Garni, Geghard, Yerevan Cognac Factory, Dilijan, Haghartsin, Armenia Winery, Perch Proshyan's Museum, Saghmosavank, Genocide Memorial, Noy Winery, Matenadaran

Day 1: Arrival in Yerevan, City Tour

One of the biggest collections of manuscripts in the world is kept in the Matenadaran Institute-Museum. Also visit the Winers' Association of Armenia.

Day 2: Echmiatsin, Sardarapat, Map Winery

In the year 301 A.D. Armenia became the first official Christian country in the world. The Echmiatsin Cathedral has been the religious centre of all Armenians for 17 centuries. In 1918 the young Armenian army and militia managed to stop the Turkish army at the Sardarapat Battle Field though the quantity of Turkish troops was much larger. The MAP Winery was founded in 1942. The whole cycle of wine and brandy making is based on classical technologies. Dinner is organized at the Armenian Unity Cross.

Day 3: Areni Winery, Noravank

The Areni Winery is a young winery in the Vayots Dzor valley known for its famous wine grapes and traditional production process in Armenian wine. The majority of their products are exported. Noravank is a 13th century monastery located on the edge of a canyon of astounding beauty.

Day 4: Garni, Geghard, Yerevan Cognac Factory

Garni is a Hellenistic style pagan temple built in the first century A.D. Geghard is a 13th century cave monastery there the holy lance that pierced the body of Christ was kept. ARARAT brandies are prodused by Yerevan Brandy Company. ARARAT is the most famous and successful brand of Armenian brandy in the world. Dinner is served in the Ararat Hall, with a live demonstration in Armenian cooking.

 Day 5: Dilijan, Haghartsin, Sevan

Haghartsin is a 13th century monastery located near the resort town of Dilijan. Lake Sevan is one of the few large lakes in the world at a high altitude of 1900m above sea. There is a fantastic view over the lake from the Monastery of Sevan built in the 9th century. Dinner is served with fish.

Day 6: Armenia Winery, Perch Proshyan's Museum, Saghmosavank

"Armenia Wine" is the largest Armenian winery. The factory produces Armenian wine as well as cognac and vodka, and has it's own array of vineyards. At Perch Proshyan's museum a collection of 18-19 century household items, tableware which were in use in that period are exhibited.

Day 7: Genocide Memorial, Noy Winery, Matenadaran, Farewell Party

On the Tsitsernakaberd Hill the Genocide Memorial was erected in 1967 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The most unique and largest collection of manuscripts are displayed in the Matenadaran Museum. Noy Winery - one of the largest wineries in Armenia is located on the grounds of the former Yerevan Citadel.

Day 8: Depature

*Sequence of tour destination are subject to change withour prior notice.